Webinars and virtual keynotes

Sally can adapt her keynotes to provide live webinars to your organisation. She can also join your next virtual meeting to provide some connection, inspiration and information to your team.  Please contact Sally for more information.

Everyone Keynote

From Stroking The Boat To Stroking The Mindset

Sally presents to communities, educational institutions, and symposiums where she highlights the importance of tapping into inner strength, making positive choices, and finding purpose.

Through her own adversity, she gives your audience the emotional boost they need, but will also arm them with the practical strategies and take-home messages to translate what they have learned into measurable improvements in their own lives —whether it’s the workplace, the marketplace, a sports arena or the schoolyard.


Talking Points

  • My story:  Resilience in Action

  • Live your life's purpose

  • Self-talk & explanatory style  is an inside job

  • Sustain happiness through habit

Overcoming life’s expected and unexpected obstacles through resilience and attitude, coping and embracing change, how to balance work and lifestyle

Valedictory, Graduation & Farewell Keynote

Every End has a New Beginning

Sally presents to university & school students, capturing the intent of your school mission statement in order to enhance and enrich the school community.

Sally gives examples of the many pathways taken and many achievements attributable to what was learned during her time at school,  in an environment similar to yours that supported ambition and nurtured talent and drive where hard work, passion, compassion, resilience, and curiosity are a foundation.

She emphasises with graduates that if things don’t go the way you imagined, know that with the adaptability and resilience that you have learned in your time at school, you are still destined to prevail.


Talking Points

  • Everybody has a choice in life - Where to, what's next...It's your choice!

  • Overcoming life’s expected and unexpected obstacles, coping and embracing change, how to balance work and lifestyle. Leading Through Uncertainty


Healthcare Keynote

From Stroke to Stroke: Perspective From the Bed Rails

Sally presents to university students and those working in the medical field where she captures the importance of improving the health provider/patient relationship through language that inspires, empowers, and connects.


Talking Points

  • Delivering better recovery results by empowering the patient.

  • Synchronizing the medical treatment with the human spirit to build hope and resilience

  • Importance of positive attitude and humour in overcoming adversity

  • Challenging the audience  to think differently about healthcare

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