Whether you are an Olympic athlete or simply wanting to achieve your personal best, the most effective way to live a happier more fulfilling life is to reflect positively at the end of each day in a journal. Like a river shapes land, the more we think and feel a certain way, the deeper the river channel behaviour becomes. In fact neuroplasticity research tells us it takes anywhere from 18 days to 254 days of continuous practice for us to “reshape” & change a habit.

Wellbeing is no different, if you want to be good at it, you have to practice it. When we continuously practice gratitude, make meaning of obstacles and lead from within, we find ourselves continually scanning the world for these opportunities. This contributes to our wellbeing by developing resilience. None of us make it through life without collecting a few scars, so the ability to bounce back after a crisis and go on to learn valuable lessons through post traumatic growth is key to a happier more fulfilling life.

This book has been designed to be a powerful tool to help you reset your mindset using evidence based positive mental health strategies over the course of six weeks.

I encourage you to put this journal on your bedside table and give yourself permission to find three minutes each night to catch your breath and reconnect with what is important; your wellbeing. When you are the best version of yourself, only then can you be the best version for those around you.

Six Week Journal - Four pillars to Resilience & Wellbeing