In 32 years of Professional Speaking, I have had the joy of sharing the stage with many wonderful speakers and Sally Callie is simply one of the very best. Sally is an Olympian with a story for everyone. Her presentation on Bravery (I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!) held an audience of hundreds of Professional Speakers enthralled. Likewise, I have seen Sally reach the hearts and minds of school teachers and students. Her methodology, her ability to make the message and meaning transformative, is simply... stunningly beautiful. Every organisation, every conference group, can benefit from Sally’s Olympian story and that is just the first layer. The other layers give people inspiring learning for life!

Glenn Capelli CSP, Triple Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Sir Winston Churchill Fellow



Sally Callie was our guest speaker at our 2020 International Women’s Day event – Inspiring Resilient Women.

Her story is one of resilience and overcoming adversity. Feedback from the 170 attendees at the event was extremely positive, with many saying Sally’s story had touched them and others saying she had given them a lot of “food for thought”. On a personal note, Sally was a pleasure to work with, she came well prepared for the event as was happy to assist on the day where needed. Would definitely recommend Sally to anyone looking for a motivational speaker who can impart wisdom on tapping into inner strength, making positive choices, and finding purpose.

Carey McIntosh, Events & Communications Manager, Gladstone Engineering Alliance Inc.


Sally was exceptionally well received and did a truly magnificent job connecting with our clinical staff on the topic of "Young Stroke And The Potential For Recovery With An Olympic Mindset". As our staff listened intently you could sense they heard and felt her message of recovery. She revealed the gritty determination with which she harnessed the very techniques she had perfected as an elite athlete to stage a remarkable recovery from life-threatening and impacting illness. From that experience she provided our team unique insights from her personal journey; insights for them to apply each and every day in the lives of our patients that they too may achieve the best possible outcome.

Wesley Hospital, Director of Medical Services - Dr Anthony Bell